EuroMiPe Summary

What we do

We import and export all kind of products to any market worldwide.
We also manage two brands, MipMed and NPK Rhum


We are exporting Portuguese products of quality with very competitive prices, and we import a wide variety of products from many different markets, with special focus on Brazil, India and China.


Besides the products that we currently have, we are always open to new partnerships and new business opportunities. We are also able to create tailored solutions to the customer’s needs.

Our Brands


TREND MEETS TRADITION The brand NPK Rhum consists of 6 references, offering a range of light rum containing 40% alcohol by volume. NPK Rhum, has endeavoured not to change the rum but to revisit it, with a view to updating a product that had become somewhat too classic. NPK Rhum is a fusion of the island’s most valuable resources, sugarcane from Mauritius and a range of natural flavours.


MIPMED dedicates itself to providing medical equipments and consumables, presenting a very wide range of solutions tailored to the needs of each healthcare professional.